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Birth Kit



Please purchase your birth kit by 33 weeks to have it on hand for the 34 week home visit. You may look through the birth supplies when they arrive, but please put them back in the box and leave them in there until your midwife needs them at the birth!  Thank you!


Please don’t substitute your own supplies for those in the birth kit.  If finances are a problem, let us know—but each of the items in the kit serves a very specific purpose!  Even if you already have trash bags, etc, around, the ones in the birth kit are very specific to what we need and they are very reasonably priced.


Standard Birth Kit  ~ Click on the link and add the standard kit to your cart.

Optional Supplies  ~  There are additional optional supplies listed below the Standard Kit. Clients are encouraged to read through and add to kit as desired.

Water Birth Supplies

For clients desiring waterbirth, the following supplies need to be added from the optional supplies list:

- Waterbirth Net

- Water Hose

- Shower Hose Adaptor
- Birth Pool In A Box - Mini Size LINER


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