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MEET BRIEANA ~ Student Midwife Apprentice

Hello, I am Brieana Davison and I am a Student Midwife.  I have been unofficially studying since 2014, and I have been officially studying since early 2018.  Currently I am finishing up my assist births and moving in to being a primary student midwife later this year.

I have been a Lactation Education Counselor since 2011 and a Birth Doula, Birth Photographer and Placenta Encapsulator since 2014.

My first love was filmmaking and I have a BS in that, but it never felt quite right.  After having my children, I feel like I found my home in birth work.


I am a giver by nature and do a lot of advocacy work surrounding reproductive justice situations, so what better place for me than to support a birthing person through their most life changing time, especially in client led care, when - as a provider, I can uphold my beliefs that everyone has a right to their bodily autonomy and full informed consent.


I have also worked in the fertility for several years and I love all aspects of fertility and well person care.  I enjoy educating folks about their bodies and fertility patterns as well as how birth works.  I have a knack for herbs especially when it comes to female bodies, health and reproduction and am just a general reproductive health nerd/advocate.  

My goal is to continue to learn how to be the best midwife I can be while navigating the system’s rules that I have to follow -  and balance that with keeping the birthing process safe and with low interventions.  I also strive to be a safe provider for folks of all identities, ethnicities and walks of life.


Thank you for being a part of my journey to being a licensed midwife. I really appreciate your support and trust in me and in yourself during the birthing process. 

When I’m not doing birth work, I am spending time with my 2 boys and my dog, usually in an outdoor setting or at a museum.  We love camping, hiking and generally exploring life and nature.  I am also a huge book worm and I love research. If a problem comes up, I almost always go down the rabbit hole of studying it from all angles. 

You can check out my website at

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