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Class Dates
Our classes are scheduled on Sundays from 9:00am-4pm.

Please contact us today for upcoming dates
and to reserve your place!

Childbirth classes are included
for Born To Be Loved clients.  


For parents desiring to take the class that are birthing
with another provider, the cost is $350 per couple.

Private In-Home Childbirth Classes are also offered.

Contact us for details and scheduling ~

  • Preparing mentally, emotionally and physically

  • Relaxation and coping techniques

  • Partner involvement and support

  • Information and discussion on

    • Placenta encapsulation

    • Pelvic floor preparation

  • Physiology of the stages of labor

  • What to expect in the different stages of labor

  • The wide variations of "normal labor"

  • What to expect from your midwife

  • Preparing your birth plan

  • Preparing an emergency care plan

Topics Covered Include: 


“I really enjoyed taking the birthing classes Faith teaches. I found the classes to be very beneficial to me.  They helped me to understand more about my baby’s position prior to labor, and also what the labor process would be like.

I used the exercises she suggested during my labor, not only to help with my labor, but also to help with back pain and discomfort in the last weeks of pregnancy.  Using the exercise ball before and during labor helped get my son in the proper position and ensure that he stay there.

Sebastian Griffen Lea

Faith is very knowledgeable and has great advice in all childbirth areas.  My labor was awesome because of her.  She explained things so well that I knew I had time to enjoy myself in the early part of the first stage of labor. My husband and I watched a movie and went out to eat.  Then we went for a walk and active labor began.

It was an amazing process and I am so blessed to have had Faith there through all the intensive stages of labor. I now have a beautiful baby boy!  Thank you Faith for all you do!”

— Johanna Lea

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