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Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card

Monthly payment plans are flexible and individualized per client!


Other Additional Costs ~

$40/month for Recommended Supplements

$80 Birth Kit

$70 Waterbirth Pool Liner and Supplies

$ - Lab work

$ - Ultrasounds

Lab work and ultrasound prices determined by what tests are needed and client's insurance coverage.

~ Global Fee Options ~

Option 1

$5600 Apprentice Midwife

- or -

$6000 Midwife

Pay in full within 30 days of starting care to get
this most discounted price

Option 2

$6000 Apprentice Midwife

- or -

$6400 Midwife

Make flexible payments

until 34 weeks

Option 3

$6400 Apprentice Midwife

- or -

$6800 Midwife


Make flexible payments
until 6 weeks after the birth.

Option 4

$9000 Apprentice Midwife

- or -

$1100 Midwife

Care includes ALL In-Home visits and an In-Home,
one-on-one Childbirth Class.
Payment plans set individually.

Insurance Coverage Options


If you have insurance (other than Medicaid, TriCare or CommunityCare), ultrasounds and lab costs will be filed with them directly and you will never be responsible for paying cash up front.



These insurance options will cover midwifery services upfront (Christian Healthcare has a cap on coverage).  Also, clients with Samaritan Ministries, let us help you get your supplements, birth kit, chiropractic care and other birth related costs covered as well.



Unfortunately, Medicaid, TriCare or Kaiser do not cover any costs for out-of-hospital births.  Clients are responsible for all fees - including ultrasounds and labs.  Some clients are able to see a doctor who will order their labs and ultrasounds for them in order to qualify for coverage and reduce out of pocket costs for client.


Unfortunately, standard insurance coverage is not usually helpful when it comes to out of hospital birth.  They will cover labs and ultrasounds without question, but the care itself is very difficult to get covered without a full time billing staff with years of experience.  Sometimes if you call yourself they will make promises (that usually never come true)  Other times they deny you without question from the beginning.  Unfortunately at this time, insurance is not something we have time or training to deal with.  We can give you a Superbill if you want to tackle reimbursement yourself, but let it be clear - insurance billing is not a part of our care or expertise.

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