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MEET DONNA ~ Student Midwife Apprentice

My first career as a curious architecture student began nearly 40 years ago. The most rewarding part and challenging aspect of architecture/interior design was to design spaces for clients that expressed something about themselves and communicated this to us. This was the journey I was drawn to with my clients and in many ways this same collaboration fueled my desire to pursue midwifery many years later. 

In completing my midwifery program I wanted to train with midwives who were focused on providing safe, dignified, informational and empowering care to women who needed it the most. I wanted to better understand why it is that in America and Haiti; women still suffer the highest maternal mortality/morbidity rates as well as infant mortality/morbidity rates. So, I volunteered in Cap Haitien, Haiti for 9 weeks, which has been one of the most transformational experiences (on so many levels) I have ever had. 

As a student midwife I strive to be thoughtful and careful listener.  I enjoy collaborating with clients to optimize their health. I'm committed to developing and maintaining mutually respectful/trusting client partnerships. I thrive on creating safe spaces for clients emotionally/mentally/spiritually/physically as they prepare for birth. I love learning, reading, dancing, swimming, entertaining family/friends, time with family. Currently completing Continuity of Care Births for exam & licensure. 

EXPERIENCE (then & now)

Student Midwife MamaBaby Haiti Cap Haitian, Haiti, 2019

Student Midwife Crimson Fig Midwifery, Los Angeles, CA 90034, 2018/2019

Student Midwife GraceFull Birthing, Los Angeles, CA 90026, 2018

Partner, Interior Design, HansonLA, Los Angeles, CA, 2010/2016

Director of Interior Design, DeStefano & Partners, Los Angeles, CA, 2006/2010 


EDUCATION (then & now)

Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery, San Diego, California, Midwife , 2019

Rhode Island School of Design; Providence, Rhode Island, Bachelor of Architecture, 1985

Rhode Island School of Design; Bachelor of Fine Arts, Providence, Rhode Island, 1984

Howard University; College of Engineering & Architecture, Washington, DC, 1980/1982

Spelman College; Atlanta, Georgia, 1979/1980

SKILLS (then & now)

Architect / Interior Designer Keen color sense, particularly for architectural building styles/historical periods. Areas of focus include residential renovation and historic residential preservation. Strong sensibilities integrating the use of materials, lighting and furnishings. Mindful of project goals/budget.

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