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Complete Doula Care ~  support during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period.

Postpartum Doula Care ~ support during the postpartum period in whatever time and shape that is helpful for your family

- Prenatal -

2  Two-hour prenatal sessions 
      Including opportunities for:
         ~ client questions
         ~ birth option counseling
         ~ birth prep education

         ~ nutrition and exercise tips

         ~ options, advice, resources


Detailed client handbook

24-Hour On-Call access to doula (Text/Call)

Emotional support


Childbirth classes included


Gentle, understanding, confidential care
at all times

- Labor and Birth -



Doula joins you whenever your ready for support, whether still at home or already at hospital

Gentle presence, care and support


Supporting partner as coach




Position suggestions


Emotional support

Available for counseling if desired for decision making 


Helping hold space, advocate for your needs


Promoting family bonding

Initial latch/breastfeeding guidance

- Postpartum -


1  Three-hour postpartum support session
       Including whichever is needed most:
         ~ breastfeeding support
         ~ emotional processing
         ~ holding baby
         ~ tidying
         ~ cooking

         ~ occupying other children

Soothing herbal bath if desired

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