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Kiara's Birth Story

I woke up needing to use the bathroom like usual at 2 am and noticed I had some bloody show.  My contractions immediately started 2-5 minutes apart and got stronger but still bearable quickly.


As is my custom, I ate a snack, then spent a lot of time emptying out my digestive system. The whole time I was laboring, I was able to work through contractions by breathing, having counterpressure on my lower back, dropping a few quiet F-bombs, and occasionally dancing and swaying.

I asked my midwife, Faith, to come around 4am, she arrived around 5am.  Her student midwives and the photographer trickled in after.  Faith checked me and baby (already dilated to 6-7 cm, baby sounding good) then she and her assistents worked to set up and fill the birth pool.  She let me know it was ready and I waddled over to it at about 5:45am.


Meanwhile C is waking up and Alan is bringing him downstairs.  Standing next to the birth pool, I took my socks off, a contraction hit me (hard), I leaned against the kitchen counter and called for someone to put pressure on my back, then felt the amniotic sac bubble (punch) downward forcefully into the birth canal.


And I screamed, "BABYS COMING!!"

C tries to take off in the other direction, but Alan scoops him up and hurries over so he can see the birth and comfort C.


I squeal in disbelief as I feel my baby's head slide out.


My quick midwife yanks my undies down, my water breaks, and Kiara's body gushes out, all without pushing.  She just FELL/dived/shot out of me in less than 10 seconds!


All done by 5:49.  Less than 4 hours of labor, start to finish!

I am so grateful to have been able to have both of my babies at home, surrounded by people who know me and care about me and my baby.  People who believe that birth works, that women's bodies work.  People who want me to have the birth that I want, not the birth that's easiest or most convenient or follows their protocols.


Left to my own devices, I could experiment and find what worked for me, so that the idea of pain medication never entered my mind.  I never felt like I couldn't handle the pain.  I can't imagine giving birth any other way.

I wanted to share this because I thought it was awesome, and I'm proud of my body. And because I want women to know that birth isn't always excruciatingly painful, there ARE different options when choosing your care provider and birth location.


I encourage women to research all their options thoroughly and choose the ones that truly fit them and their desires the best.

Birth photography by Tulsa Birth Photographer

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