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Oliver's Waterbirth

Becoming a mother is a divine right of passage. As women, we are beautifully and perfectly designed to create, birth, and nurture our babies. This is an innate power we hold, and must embrace. Faith’s care supports, encourages, educates and guides women and their families along the journey towards allowing this wonderful

and natural process to unfold.

Achieving a successful homebirth to a healthy, vibrant baby were my top priorities during my entire pregnancy. My first meeting with Faith confirmed my initial impression I had from our phone conversation. She is an extremely kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and peaceful soul who was the perfect fit in helping me

to welcome my son, Oliver.

To prepare my body and baby for birth I devoted a lot of time and energy. I can thank an organic, clean diet, high quality food grade supplements, routine chiropractic care, moderate exercise, acupuncture sessions, positive affirmations and visualization among the keys that contributed to a very healthy pregnancy and

birth experience.

My waters spontaneously broke, 41 weeks gestation during my sleep at 2:30 in the morning. Faith was in close touch keeping up with my contraction patterns. I needed a little help to get the contractions strong enough, and Faith had the perfect herbal regimen to really rev things up. While I was waiting for the contractions to

really kick in, I was in the comfort of my own home. Able to nourish my body and relax in peace without the intrusions a hospital would have offered. Low risk labor and birth are not medical emergencies; instead it is a time to have faith in this very natural process.


I began Active Labor at 7:30 that evening and gave birth to a beautiful, baby boy three hours later at 10:10 pm. During the process the number one thing I remember holding onto was a complete surrender. I allowed and trusted that my body and baby were working perfectly together, which allowed a harmonious flow.


I am forever grateful for Faith’s services. Not only because of my personal experience with her as my midwife, but also knowing what she provides for the women of Oklahoma. She is giving women back their power to make birth about mother and baby; enabling mothers the right to choose their journey and that makes all the difference.



Leah and Oliver

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