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Rowan's Birth Story

My contractions had been sporadic for a few days, getting more and more intense before leaving completely, and leaving this repeat mama confused when labor would begin.

Well apparently that was me getting all my active labor out of the way because at about 11:30pm, I woke up twice due to strong contractions and started timing them at midnight going into April 4th.  I felt really weird calling my birth team to come in so quickly but I was nervous about going into transition, and didn’t realize I was already there without the gradual build of previous births. My wonderful birth team was midwife Faith Morieand soon to be midwife Rebecca Schulz.  Devon Mullins was my birth photographer and fellow doula partner from Tulsa Family Doulas.  My mother, sister-in-law at the very end, and of course my love and fellow parent, Emanuel– my husband.

Our surprise rainbow girl was born at 3:35 am!  Both my other kids slept through the whole thing, whenever I moaned though, my almost-2-year-old son would moan in his sleep just as loud; my mom said it was like watching a dance. <3  I really do feel like she was born on Easter weekend because when I lost my last baby I felt like something was stolen from me, because it was, having her this weekend makes me think of life and the rising of Christ after death.  No matter where we give birth, though home is very nice, these babies are such a blessing.

Photography by Devon Mullins, At First Sight Photography

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